Wednesday, February 11, 2009

4 Ways to promote your business this Valentine's Day

I guess it's hard to imagine what Valentine's Day could possibly have to do with your business as a transcriptionist and virtual assistant.

So I've decided to make a list of some ideas that you could implement in the next couple of days to generate some business.

As I've already mentioned in my email to TAVASA members, I believe that we should give some serious thought to the gifts we give our loved ones.

It's easy enough to walk into a store to buy a box of chocolates and get them gift-wrapped; it's even easier to pick up your phone or log onto the Internet to order flowers through Interflora.

And granted, those gifts are successful each year because they make us feel special. So here are 4 things that you can do for your business this Valentine's Day:

1. Promote yourself as a Valentine's Day gift

Imagine a busy home business owner/mother /father who is working long hours to make her business successful to support her family. How much do you think she would appreciate getting a virtual assistant as a gift to organise the little details of her life that she never seems to have the time to get to? How happy would she be to have her admin sorted more efficiently, allowing her some "Me" time?

So go on – go to your online forums and groups and offer the members a one-day special for your services, to be redeemed by their partners by the end of March.

2. Promote your services to businesses associated with Valentine's Day celebrations

If your client is the kind that traditionally benefits from Valentine's Day, then they already have the food, menu, drink, flowers, chocolate, gift baskets for their own customers well in hand.

But surely they need additional admin help to handle the busy time and make sure that their customers get what they ask for on time? How can you, as a virtual assistant, help?

3. Find out who among your clients has a Valentine's Day special

Is your client going to need virtual assistant help to meet the business demands generated by Valentine's Day promotions? Remind your clients that they too, deserve some romance, and you can help them make the most of the business generated by the day AND still spend quality time with loved ones.

4. Give your clients tips on how they can benefit from Valentine's Day

What does Valentine's Day mean to your clients? Write a short article reminding them of the upcoming holiday, and give them some ideas on how they can benefit from it (over and beyond the usual promotions).

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Please read the articles, leave some comments, add your suggestions on what else
people can do to celebrate Valentine's Day.

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